Your Introduction To TEARs

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Your Introduction To TEARs

I created a concept that I'm hoping blows your mind a little bit.

Okay, I'll settle for a mindset shift.

After years of working with people on optimizing their finances and designing the life they truly want, I've found that there is a fundamental misunderstanding of personal resource allocation.

What the heck is that? Exactly.

The Three Everlasting Alternating Resources (TEARs)

Every human on earth has access to a certain amount of the Three Everlasting Alternating Resources: time, energy and money.

Even if you have $0, as long as you are alive, you have time and energy that can be transformed into money or items of monetary value through an infinite number of possibilities.

People are generally aware of these three resources but they have never been properly educated on how to properly utilize these resources.

You know who has mastered the use of these resources? Billionaires and millionaires with free time.

The goal of understanding these resources is not to make you a billionaire. It's to help you generate True Wealth which is a balance of the 4 types of wealth: financial, social, health, and time.

That's what we are all striving for.

Reversing The Flow

The most common understanding people have of TEARS is:

Time + Energy -> Money

We call that a "job".

But what about the reverse?

Money -> Time + Energy

How do you maximize that in your life?

Here are some examples of how you can do that.

Here are five examples of how to spend money to get more time and energy back in the average person's day:

1. Meal delivery services

2. Housekeeping services 

3. Personal assistant 

4. Online grocery shopping

5. Fitness classes or personal training

Spending money on services that help save time and energy has a lot of benefits.

By outsourcing time-consuming and exhausting tasks, you can free up your schedule and focus on your priorities, leading to a more fulfilling and productive life.

The Beginning Of Advanced Levels

This is part is where it gets hard.

Most people will take advantage of one of these services to save time and money and just leave it at that.

They will waste that additional time and energy on distractions like social media, TV or things that aren't aligned with their goals.

That's because its comfortable and easy.

In order to maximize your true potential, build wealth quickly and attain the life you desire you have to REINVEST that time in activities that will get you to your goals faster.

Here's a personal example on how I do this.

Objective: I want to start my own business

Time + Energy: I spend 7 hours every month deep cleaning because it saves money instead of paying for a maid service

Reverse Flow: Spend money on maid service and free up 7 hours of time and energy

Reinvest: Use that extra 7 hours a month to create my business plan, build a product, advertise my services

Result: In one year, I spent $150/mo on a maid service ($1800 total) on a task I didn't want to do, freed up 84 hours with that shift in TEARs, and built a product that I'm passionate about that I can sell.

I used my resources to create higher value resources.

This is one example of how you can use your TEARs.

I talk about these concepts in my coaching sessions and courses. 

When you start to look at everything in your life through the scope of TEARs and their alignment to the things that truly matter to you, it will change your behaviors and how you use your resources to a more intentional mindset.

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