Make More Money Using LinkedIn With These 5 Tips: A Guide

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Make More Money Using LinkedIn With These 5 Tips: A Guide

Whether you are an entrepreneur or working at a global corporation, you need to reconsider LinkedIn and how you use it.

Chances are that you have a LinkedIn profile but don't log in very much.

I'd bet $1000 that you aren't posting once a week on there because I'd be right 95% of the time.

There is not another social media platform on the planet with over 50M users that only has 5% of people posting 1x a week or more. That's a huge opportunity.

So it doesn't matter what you do, here's how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, what you should post about and how it will make you more money and create opportunities if you do.

1. Your Profile

LinkedIn is a professional platform even if people ocassionally post personal things on there. There are a few things you have to get right.

Headshot - For the love of all things good in this world, please stop editing pictures of you at a wedding and cutting out your ex or friend that was there with you as your profile picture. 

Take out your fancy phone that has a nice camera on it, put a nice shirt on, do your hair, face the light and have someone take a nice picture of you. It doesn't take much. Even better, pay someone to do a professional headshot. It's your first impression many times. Make it good.

Headline - Don't just put your title here. Say what you do to stand out.

Physician assistant? Physician Assistant that gives 400 patients with spinal complications every month the best care in Florida.

Salesperson? Working with clients to find solutions that help them sell more deals faster.

Pool boy? Speedo-wearing chlorine specialist that's always on time.

You get the idea. Stand out.

Banner - This is an image on your profile. If you work at a company, it's a great way to differentiate yourself. You can give a quote that's motivating. Put your contact information. 

For anyone selling or marketing things, its a fantastic spot to promote offers that you currently have.

If you can't design one yourself, then I recommend hiring someone on Fiverr or Upwork to create on for you. It'll only cost like $5-$20 and will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

2. Networking

Be sure to network with people in your industry but don't be afraid to connect with people in different roles that may be interesting to you or that you could learn from.

I have programs that show people how to manage and invest their money, but I follow a lot of copywriters to learn how to write online and communicate better digitally.

The creators on LinkedIn are truly on the rise and I'm constantly suprised how quality a lot of the content is!

TIP: One thing that increases your chances of getting accepted by a connection is including a note why you want to connect with them.

If its with someone at a company you are interested in working for, saying something like "I'm really interested in what working at XX company is like. I'd love to pick your brain to see what you enjoy about working there!"

This is a powerful way to get inside information about the nitty gritty before you ever apply to a company!

3. Resume

If you are looking for work but want to be discreet about it, you can have your resume uploaded on your profile. 

But if you are concerned that your company may see that as a signal to be worried, you can optimize your profile to look like your resume. For recruiters, they will use this when they reach out about job positions.

I have had hundreds of headhunters reach out to me about multiple positions. The more clear and up to date my profile, the better the offers were that they brought to me.

4. Post And Engage Weekly

LinkedIn has very quickly become my favorite social media platform. 

  • Its relatively apolitical compared to Facebook/IG/TikTok (which is why I use them less)
  • Mostly positive and valuable information is shared
  • Trolling is at a minimum since people are scared of backlash professionally
  • The benefits of developing a following are monumental

If you aren't sure what to post about, just write about something you do or have learned about at your job.

Read what others post and mimic them.

Text-only posts do really well on LinkedIn so there's no need to do pictures or videos (but pictures perform well too).

Doing this will make your network and others more aware of who you are and increase your personal brand's reach.

There is literally no downside to that as it could bring potentially interested clients, job offers and opportunities you never thought about like public speaking, podcasts and more!

5. Featured Section

A great way to promote any service or product is the little known Featured section on your profile.

This is a great place to put a popular post, lead magnet, website link or piece of content that promotes your offerings.

Even if you work at a non-profit, this is a great spot for a donation link!

If you are in a position but don't have a product or service to sell like a operations manager, doctor or professor, then you could include a link to an article you wrote that shows your expertise or level of study.

It's a fantastic way to promote things that almost no one takes advantage of!

Don't Wait To Act

Personal brands are your professional reputation. The best place to display them is on LinkedIn.

Don't take forever to figure it out. Get on there and just start engaging and posting.

The upsides professionally to bring in more revenue and increase your job opportunites are massive. 

The downside is...well, I'm not sure there are any.

Until our paths cross again (and hopefully they will soon on LinkedIn!)

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