My Ten Minute Wish For You...Peace In The Holiday Madness

Nothing special for this newsletter. I wanted to keep it very simple.

The kids are out of school.

Shopping and present wrapping has to be done.

Office parties and end of year quotas must be tended to.

Then, add in travel to see family and things get even more complex.

So I have one wish for you this Christmas. 

I hope you make time for 10 minutes to be alone and in silence.

Use those 10 minutes to count all the things you are grateful for and to appreciate the life you've been given.

Use those 10 minutes to breath deeply and reset. 

Use those 10 minutes to find peace.

That's it. No goal planning. No thinking of the past or future.

The greatest gift you have is the moment you are in because that's all that's promised to you.

That's why its called the 'present'. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Happy New Year!

I won't be looking at any screen after December 23 until January 3 unless its got a Christmas movie on it.

See you in 2023.

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