SCS - DJ Sneakerhead Talks Flipping $100k Jordans, Buying Properties, and Overcoming Obstacles

On This Episode

DJ, aka DJ Sneakerhead from the DNA Show on TikTok and YouTube, grew up with a family who knew how to hustle. His upbringing impacted the way he saw the world compared to so many, but he never gave up on his love of sneakers.

With Nike headquarters down the road and a college football career coming to an abrupt ending after a terrible accident, he had to rediscover himself (literally) and break free of the physical and mental challenges that were holding him back.

Fighting through battle after battle, he began to turn a passion into a business. Then he turned the profits of that business into owning properties.

With a combination of street-savvy and business wisdom, the lessons he shares with us about flipping Jordans and real estate is timeless. His perspective on community is something we all need in today’s world.

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