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Assembly is a one-of-a-kind community created for people who want more than a one-time course on their wealth-building journey. Get ongoing resources to increase your net worth and free up time.

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Do You Feel...

  • Lost or unmotivated about what to do with¬†credit cards and loans?
  • Financial stress because you don't have a¬†strategy for your money?
  • As if you don't have anyone you trust to discuss finances or investing?
  • Overwhelmed with busyness and a lack of free time to enjoy life?

What If...

  • There was a¬†trusted place¬†you could¬†go to with resources to help knock out debt fast
  • You¬†joined¬†a program with easy, monthly challenges to eliminate financial stress
  • Time management and investing trainings were available for you to¬†learn at your own pace
  • A community existed where you could get constructive feedback about any question around life and money

You can have anything you want, just not have everything you want.

You are the Hero of your story, but between you and the life that you want is the modern enemy we are all fighting: distraction.

Narrow your focus to what you truly desire and use the tools and resources in this membership to consistently go after it!

What would your life look like if you had free time, extra money and a foolproof plan? 

Everyone in The Assembly is the Hero of their story and this membership equips you with the tools and know-how to start living your purpose-driven lifestyle. 

Stop being held down by the societal distractions and grow beyond your current boundaries with The Assembly.

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The Assembly

The greatest community in the solar system designed to help you build wealth and share wealth.

Increase your 4 types of wealth (social, time, financial and health) through The Assembly, where you'll have access to a focused 12-month Program, keynotes with experts, and direct access to a community of like-minded individuals focused on increasing their net worth and living the life they want!

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In your first month...

You'll be shocked at all you can accomplish

  • Complete a challenge in our 12-month Program to free up time and¬†build wealth (and qualify for prize drawings)
  • Get expert-advice that you can trust on investing your time, energy and money
  • Use exclusive tools to accomplish specific financial and life goals in the Resource Center
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Expert Keynotes

Learn how to invest your time, energy and money from trusted sources


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Follow our annual wealth-building program to get consistent results


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Jump on Meetups or other trainings, grow your network and ask questions


Spreadsheets and Tools

Download templates to help you increase your productivity and wealth


Actionable Mini-Courses

New trainings on specific topics to get you fast, actionable results


Member-Only Discounts

Save the entire year's membership on Mastermind discounts

Get access to mini-courses like...

Get H.I.R.E.D.

Be confident and prepared for any interview process


Over 70 hours of interviews with hiring managers, recruiters and Vice Presidents on hiring best and worst practices distilled into a 2 hours of action-packed training! Learn how to research companies to work for, format your resume so it won't get voided by software, negotiate your offer and more!


13 actions to build wealth fast and get to your first $100,000 net worth


A study of over 200 millionaires showed common things they all did regardless of profession to go from $0-$100,000 quickly. But anyone can do these things to increase their income and build wealth quickly. 

Build Wealth From Nothing

Principles across 5 phases to manage your money


Get your mindset right with this launchpad mini-course. In under an hour, watch a breakdown of how to invest with as little as $100, find legitimate passive income opportunities, proven-investment strategies and how to budget when you are getting serious about your financial journey. 


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