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Design your success by creating strategic plans and effective systems. This 7-step program will accelerate your journey towards achieving your goals and substantially increasing your net worth.

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Define your purpose

Turn dreams to goals

Reduce stress and anxiety

What would your life look like if you had more money and more free time?

The Design Mastermind is built for ambitious, motivated people who believe in self-investment and want to accelerate their wealth-building.

Learn the 7-step framework that can be applied to any lifestyle and will increase your net worth and free time within 30 days of completion.

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Don't believe the lie that you can't do anything to make your life better right now.

Use our proven strategy to make instant progress towards what matters to you and reject the lies society has sold you.


The Design Mastermind

Created for busy people who need impactful results quickly.

The self-paced format of The Design Mastermind delivers results with only a few hours invested.

 This program blends coursework, community, and coaching for the best outcomes.

By the end of the 7 steps, you will...

  • Set clear goals for the next 36 months
  • Develop clarity and a strong WHY Statement
  • Know your next immediate moves for instant progress
  • Have automated financial systems that directly support your goals
  • Set up¬†personal¬†systems and boundaries to give you more free time
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What you'll receive


12-month support

This isn't a one-time course, its an ongoing resource


Weekly coaching calls

Join any step-focused calls for coaching and accountability


Self-paced learning

Progress through the course at your own pace, when it's convenient for you


Exclusive invites

Be invited to special trainings and live events throughout the year


Wisdom of the crowd

Ask questions to an exclusive group of your peers


Expand your network

Utilize a network of like-minded motivated professionals

Big Impact, Fast Results

Stories of how The Design Mastermind changed their lives

Will and Carmen W.

"We had different goals that had some big financial numbers tied to it. This process got us on the same page which helped us communicate with each other better.

We also changed our investment strategy and took some risks that aligned with our goals. One took off and netted us a 3,750% ROI that got us to our goals in half the time."

Jay S.

"I'm a single guy who didn't know what he wanted in life other than to make money. This process was simple but powerful and helped me realize I could take actions to figure out what I wanted based on my values. 

The strategy I created got me promoted and moving to a city I've always wanted to live in!"

Jerry J. 

"My career was literally killing me. I suffered from severe burnout and a messed up value system. This Mastermind helped me set up much needed boundaries.

In 6 months, I had quit my job, started my consulting practice and took my wife on a dream vacation we had put off for years."

A look at the 7 Steps inside The Design Mastermind

WHY Statement

Every journey should start with our WHY


This is our North Star and puts our values and purpose into a single, powerful sentence. When challenges arise on our journey, remembering our WHY will help us overcome it.


Turn your direction into a destination to gain clarity and confidence


This is the most important step of Design because everything done from here will tie to these 3-year goals to make the strategy tangible.


Gain understanding of the resources available to you


It’s crucial to assess our three key resources: time, energy, and money. We'll start by evaluating our current status in relation to our Objectives.

Short-Term Goals

Get a fast start and build momentum aligned to what matters


A process-orientated approach that starts with annual goals and works backward to small daily actions for immediate results.


Leverage technology and people to prevent distraction and procrastination


Learn how to build effective systems in your life that free up time and increase your net worth. Building the 4 types of wealth with simple systems.


Inject purposeful moments to provide focus and fun on the journey


It's easy to focus on what's next, but we must find joy in the journey, not just the destination. Create meaningful trophies to maintain discipline and motivation by gamifying your life.


The proven key to success for any strategy


Build an foolproof accountability system that won't let you fail when the going gets tough. Every Hero needs a Guide and support system to help them reach the next level.

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If you feel...

  • As if you should be doing better in life than you are right now
  • Like there's not enough time to do everything you need or want to
  • Uncertain about the best way to invest your money to achieve your goals
  • Resistance to getting started on the dreams and goals you set for yourself
  • Unclear on your purpose or having difficulty making big decisions for your life...

... then The Design Mastermind is for you!

  • You¬†could feel confident in your direction and what you've accomplished
  • There¬†are¬†proven methods to get 60 minutes or more back everyday
  • The investments and goals you have¬†can be¬†aligned for maximum results
  • Your next five moves¬†will be¬†laid out for you to start making immediate progress on your dreams
  • You can have a¬†plan¬†centered¬†around your purpose that will make decision-making simple

The proven tools you need are here.

The most common lie that destroys dreams is "I'll do it later."

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