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It's time to take control of your finances. With Foundation, you'll quickly set up an automated money system, ensuring your funds make the biggest impact on your financial goals. Plus, you'll have community support and the resource center to stay on track.

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Do You Feel...

  • Defeated by loans that don't seem to go down in value and eat up all your extra cash?
  • Hopeless that you'll ever be able to buy your dream home, have fun vacations, and support a family?
  • Like you're trapped in this situation after doing your best, and aren't sure of a way out?
  • Stressed out because everything is expensive?
  • Like there's never enough money at the end of the month?

What If...

  • There was a way to lower your debt without making another payment
  • You¬†had a¬†plan you believed in to build the life you want, full of purpose and fun
  • Any anxiety and fear you have around money could be turned to hope and confidence
  • In¬†the¬†same amount of¬†time it takes to binge-watch your favorite show, you could have an automated financial system and feel confident in getting debt-free

What's Included...


12-month access

Our resource center is always available when things inevitably come up.


Foundation workbook

Don't just watch but get things done with the Foundation Workbook!


Downloadable tools

Use customized spreadsheets to get the best results.


Debt reduction scripts

I'll show you exactly who to call and what to ask for when negotiating debt.


Action-orientated course

Don't just watch but get things done going with the Activities!


Build in the fun!

Gamify your financial journey and plan your "trophies" out!

What You'll Get

  • Increase your monthly free cash flow
  • Reduce your debt interest and payoff amount to the lowest amount possible
  • Create an automated financial system that takes 30 minutes to manage every month
  • Accelerate your timeline to becoming debt free and building wealth
  • Have clarity and confidence in a plan that puts you in control of your money
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Easy process, big impact

John and Eloise R. 

"Doing Foundation did more than help us save $4300 a year. It gave us the confidence through our new plan to be out of debt in 2 years and 3 months!"

Andrew A.

"I learned nothing throughout college about money. This course was fast and awesome and made me want to learn more so I can knock out my loans and build wealth fast."

Jess W.

"I don't have a normal 9-5 job and Foundation was the first course I ever took that showed me how to budget accurately with irregular income. Now I know how to plan my income."

A Look Inside Our 7 Step Course

Why Statement

Always start with WHY


Every program in the True Wealth Experience‚ĄĘ begins with your WHY Statement. Understanding your purpose and motivation for any change¬†is crucial to success.

THE List

The most important list you'll ever make


List your assets and liabilities for a clear picture on your starting point. Follow methods to stop wasting money and track your cash flow whether you have regular or irregular income.

Debt Negotiation

Don't pay more than you have to


Get your debt down to the lowest possible amount by negotiating the payoff amounts and interest rates. Proven scripts and methods show you how to knock out debt before paying it.

Emergency Fund

The first financial milestone


Challenge what conventional wisdom says about an emergency fund and redefine how you think about this financial goal.

Debt Payoff

Start eliminating debt fast and furious


Don't just start paying off your debt, do it with an automated system and set "trophies" to gamify the journey and stay motivated while paying off debt! Make paying off debt fun!

Financial Foundation

One of the most significant money milestones


Get to get your financial foundation (6-12 months expenses saved) as quickly as possible. This is the ultimate financial stress killer and will open up new, exciting opportunities.

Tax-Advantaged Options

Should you invest while paying off debt?


Discuss whether investing while paying off debt is the right move and what tax-advantaged options (like IRAs and 401Ks) can offer you.

Choose Your Package

Foundation Course


(12-month access)

  • Reduce your debt to the lowest rates and amount owed
  • Eliminate wasted spending and free up cash flow
  • Create a system to manage your money 30 minutes/month
  • Build your financial foundation and reduce financial stress
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Foundation + Assembly Combo


(2 months of Asembly for $1)

  • Build your plan and then use the community on your journey
  • Take part in¬†the wealth-building monthly challenges and prizes
  • Get access to exclusive keynotes and mini-courses
  • Proven financial resources and support you can trust
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Imagine a life where your bills are paid on time, and you have extra money at the end of each month.

Foundation helps where other plans don't do enough.

Every journey to real wealth begins by understanding your goals and reasons, so we start so we start with your WHY Statement.

The next part in these 7 easy steps is learning how to cut down your debt with just a few calls. We'll tell you exactly what to say to those you owe money to, and how to get them to lower your interest rates and amount owed.

After that, we'll show you two methods to save money without giving up all your fun.

Then, we'll set up a simple automated system to manage your money and bills that only needs 30 minutes of your time each month to check.

And it all takes just 4 hours to finish for most people!

 Don't wait. Start today.

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