$50,000: A Bitcoin Milestone And Shoutout To The Haters

Seeing Bitcoin smash through the $50k barrier is like spotting a unicorn these days – a sight both rare and electrifying for fans and investors.

It's been 776 days (December 2021) since we last saw Bitcoin strut above this financial catwalk.

Bitcoin's dance with $50k is a bit of a roller coaster, split into two main acts that give us a peek into its market vibe:

  • Act one kicked off around mid-February and lasted till mid-May 2021, giving us a solid 100-day show
  • Act two took the stage from early October to late December 2021, clocking in around 90 days

Adding up these glimpses, we've had about 190 days of Bitcoin over $50k, not counting the latest comeback.

What Happens Next?

The buzz of possibly extending this run is in the air, but it's mixed with a wary hope that we won't see a repeat of past downturns.

This time's climb to $50k is trekking through uncharted territory, with no major tech hurdles except for that big psychological cliff near its record peak.

Despite some potential pushback from long-haul investors, the market's not looking like it's about to take a nosedive.

A twist in the plot was the mining ban in China.

What seemed like a curveball might've actually set the stage for a stronger bull run, hinting that Bitcoin's just warming up for some catch-up growth after being held back last time.

Adding spice to the Bitcoin narrative is the buzz around the ironic spot ETFs, with a recent surge in inflows that's turning heads from investment firms whose CEOs were calling bitcoin a scam while simultaneously finding a way to invest and make money off of it.

This wave of interest could be a game-changer, drawing in a crowd of traditional investors and beefing up Bitcoin's allure.

Then there's the chatter about the next halving event, sparking curiosity among newbies unaware of its impact.

This isn't just crypto-insider baseball anymore; it's becoming mainstream buzz, fueling more intrigue and investment in Bitcoin.

All the sudden, the journey to $100k is shaping up to be an epic tale, full of twists, triumphs, and perhaps a few trolls.

Hold On To Ya Butts

We're not just watching the market, we're witnessing the unfolding story of Bitcoin, with each chapter more gripping than the last.

As we gear up for what could be a historic ride, the vibe in the Bitcoin camp is electric.

And it's totally fine if you choose not to invest in bitcoin, but you're a fool if you don't consider it.

I mean, the billionaires are and they know a thing or two.

So cheers to everyone since 2017 who told me buying crypto was a joke and that I was an idiot and all that other fun stuff!

I'd like to think I'm classy enough to not rub things in people's faces...but its just not true.

My portfolio is doing great. For all the haters out there, how's yours?

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