Stop Watching The Mainstream News To Improve Your Wealth and Mental Health

Would you keep a friend around that lied to you 60% of the time and only wanted to talk about things to give you anxiety and dread?

Then why do you give any of your time to the mainstream media?

Since 2020, every primetime news channel has seen a decline in viewership as people catch on, but there are still millions who tune in!

They sell us the lie that it's crucial and that democracy itself hangs in the balance without it.

That used to be true when the news actual kept politicians, big pharma and industry leaders in check but now, they spread their propaganda for advertising dollars.

I'm not sure if this is a "hot take" anymore, but the news, in its flashy, noisy current incarnation, is a dumpster fire that's doing more harm than good.

We need to discuss the circus that is the news media and how it turned into a 24/7 outrage show.

But I'm not just here to rant. I'm here to share the good news.

I quit watching the news about 5 years ago and my overall life satisfaction and happiness is close to being at blissful teenage levels.

However, I'm still informed on what is RELEVANT to me. 

The difference is that I choose what that is and then do this dangerous thing called "thinking for myself" after collecting data from the source...that's something our elitist rulers aren't big fans of us doing.

Buckle up, grab your favorite comfort item, and let's dissect why the news often feels like a punch in the gut.

Why Is the News So Terrible?

Ever based a major life decision on a news story? Yeah, didn't think so.

News today is a buffet of irrelevance: car chases, celebrity mishaps, and the occasional sports score.

It's rare that a news story directly impacts our lives in a meaningful way.

Instead of guiding us on what job to take, how to handle personal issues, or even what to eat, the news fills our heads with fluff.

Mostly, we consume news to have something to talk about, often ending up in heated debates that solve nothing and only serve to ruin our moods.

So, if it's not about enriching our lives with useful information, what's the news really trying to do?

Simple: keep us hooked, coming back for our daily dose of emotional turmoil.

The news uses a few tricks to keep us engaged:

  • Emotionally Charged Nonsense: Stuff that sounds important but really isn't.
  • Catastrophizing: Making every event seem like the end of the world.
  • Expert Opinions: A fancy way of saying, "We don't know, but let's speculate."
  • Trivial Details: Because apparently, what a kidnap victim was wearing is crucial information.
  • Entertainment Over Information: CNN laughing at YouTube videos? Enough said.

This strategy leaves us feeling informed when we're actually just entertained (or horrified) by skewed perspectives on largely irrelevant events.

One of my favorite books is Michael Crichton's The State Of Fear which is a fictional novel that shows how leaders of previous civilizations have used the "news" to control the population.

It's worth a read.

The Damage Done

The consequences? More than just wasted time. We're talking:

  • Recurring Trauma: News junkies can develop PTSD-like symptoms from overexposure to catastrophic events.
  • Agenda Setting: The news decides what's important, not us, warping our perception of reality.
  • Cultivation Theory: More news consumption equals an overestimation of crime and a distrust of others.
  • Misinformation and Propaganda: Partisan news viewers are often less informed than those who abstain.
  • Stress and Anxiety: News is a downer, increasing pessimism, stress, and anxiety.

So, what we've got is a system that thrives on our fear, confusion, and curiosity, serving up a daily platter of stress and misinformation.

It's a cycle that feeds itself, keeping us locked in a state of perpetual agitation and worry.

Breaking Free

But it's not all doom and gloom.

There are ways to stay informed without subjecting yourself to the news' carnival of chaos.

It involves seeking out direct sources or independent journalists on places like Substack, engaging with content that enriches and educates, and remembering that the world, despite what the news says, is not entirely a flaming ball of despair.

So, as we part ways with our daily news-induced anxiety, let's remember: staying informed doesn't have to mean staying depressed.

There's a big, beautiful world out there full of stories worth knowing—stories that can inspire, educate, and bring us together, rather than tearing us apart.

Let's choose those instead.

I dare you to quit for one month and monitor how you feel. It'll change your life.

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