Accountability: The Obvious Secret To Success Everyone Avoids

A lot of advice online about being successful is obvious.

But do you know why?

Because the heavy-majority of the population won't even do the absolute basics to give them a chance at success and the life they want.

I mean, we're talking about layups in practice. It's easy stuff.

And yet...

People don't do it.

Science Says You'll Fail

Here are 3 reasons why science says you will fail at hitting your goals/resolutions:

1) Not writing them down

"Seriously Stephen? I thought this list was going to be interesting, but that's pretty basic."

You're right fictional-person's-thought-process, but it is true and most people still won't do it.

And what's crazy is that it doesn't even matter if you write it down on a sticky-note or do a full Visionboard, but what matters is that you just do it.

This creates a process in your brain called "encoding" and shifts it from short-term to long-term memory.

Multiple studies have shown this super simple step will increase your chances of success by 40%!!!

And like I said, most of you still won't do says so.

2) The wrong motivation

Most new year's resolutions or goals we create are normally to replace something we consider unhealthy or a bad habit.

While that's a good thing, the average person leaves it at that.

1) I'm going to lose 20 pounds

2) I'm going to save $30,000

3) I'm going to propose after dating her for 12 years

Those are just replacing a negative that we've probably become comfortable with even though we know its not a good thing.

But when you try to change, there is some form of pain involved whether its psychological, emotional, physical, etc.

If there isn't a clear WHY behind the change and a defined outcome that's so clearly better than how things are now, then you'll probably give up when it gets tough because its easier.

After all, it wasn't that bad, was it?

3) Zero accountability

Have you ever made a big goal and told no one about it? Why?

Why keep it a secret if its important to you?

Because we don't want to be embarrassed if we fail.

That's why accountability is such a powerful motivator that people avoid like the plague.

It is the single-most powerful ingredient in creating change.

It creates strong bonds with those you holding you accountable.

It propels you to want to succeed, but also to avoid looking like a fool...a energizing combo.

Yet, people won't do it. Science says so.

Don't Be Another Statistic

If you want to get serious about your goals, then get accountability in at least one of its forms: personal or paid.

  • Paid accountability - coaches, therapists, trainers, etc
  • Personal accountability - your siblings, friends, coworkers 

For maximum results, do a combination of both!

Another way you can get both is through online communities like Assembly.

We focus on building the 4 types of wealth and increasing income. 

If you have a financial goal you want to get serious about, then sign up and take part in the keynotes, challenges, fireside chats and more to propel you towards the life you want.

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