The Skeleton System: The Base Personal System

"Yeah, yeah, I know what a 'system' is."

This is what I hear when I ask someone what it is.

I always get the same type of answer.

A loose example of a real-world system and the word "inter-connected" usually gets used instead of an actual definition.

It's okay, we all forgot high school physics, I get it.

So let's clear this up once and for all.

This Is A System And How It Works

A system is three things...four if its a good system.

Input - Process - Output

What's the 4th part that makes a good system? Feedback.

That happens after Output and takes you back to Input.

Systems are all around us, they're inside of us and they run our lives.

Every system is perfectly designed to get the outcome that it gets and that's not always a good thing.

Here's an example of a personal system:

  • Input - 50 situps 
  • Process - Every day
  • Outcome - stronger core, no six pack

It's pretty basic, but notice the Outcome. The 50 situps are getting a stronger core but not closer to sexy abs. Well that's what we want is the sexy abs.

This is where Feedback comes in. We need to make adjustments to the system to get a better Outcome.

Well after a little research, we find out six-pack abs is more about diet than strength. So we add an element to our Input.

  • Input - 50 situps, eat healthy and with a caloric deficit
  • Process - Every damn day
  • Outcome - stronger core, 4-pack abs

Okay, so after a while we notice we have a 4-pack, but not all 6 yet. This will require more Feedback and changes to our Input and on and on the system gets optimized until we get the desired Outcome.

The Skeleton System

I've coached hundreds of people 1-on-1 and I feel solid about this statement...

Everyone can utilize The Skeleton System.

It is the base personal system to start building your optimal life.

Many of you may even have it without even knowing. But you need to be sure.

There are 3 elements to it.


Automation of your finances is crucial for financial success. Between time savings, financial management and reducing human error, this base level system is something everyone can build on.

Your paycheck should auto-deposit into a checking account. Any retirement accounts should be auto-debited (usually required by financial institution) and then the rest should hit checking.

From there, all bills should be paid on credit card. Then, have your credit card, additional investments and savings automated.

All this should happen without you ever logging into an account.


Reduce decision making by using a 2-week rotating meal schedule to cook. This way you don't have to overthink or plan groceries. Choose the same night to prep for advanced scheduling.

This is an example. You can shift the nights as needed. We even have our grocery list pre-set on the grocery app we order on.

Again, customize this to fit your lifestyle. But once you lock in a two-week rotating schedule (I use 2 weeks to break it up but you can do the same thing every week if you want), it'll save you a LOT of time and mental energy.


A cleaning service has been one of the greatest time savings for the money I've ever had.

I have them come once a month to do a deep-clean of the house that would take me and my wife 6-8 hours.

That time I get back I am able to use to make more money, relax, or do literally anything else.

They're actually going to be at my house in about an hour from the time I wrote this.

I know that because its all automated basically.

I wish I would have been doing this since I had an apartment but this has been a must have ever since I moved into my own home.

And the bigger the house, the bigger the time savings.

Check Your Systems

What systems do you have in your life?

Are they producing the outcomes you want?

Looking at the Skeleton System, can you check off all or most of the boxes there?

Evaluation of your personal systems can be a powerful thing (sometimes we disguise them as "habits").

Don't underestimate them!

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