Use the 25/5 Method To Finish The Year Strong

You have goals and you're pushing hard to stay focused.

But life comes at you fast in December...

  • Holiday shopping for family, loved ones and Susan at the office because she's your White Elephant gift this year
  • End of year deadlines so everyone needs something from you urgently
  • Kids activities for the end of school year you'd rather skip
  • You're buying more coffee because its cold and its freakin $7 a cup
  • Every non-profit and that long lost cousin is calling to get donations

So how do you focus on the things that matter to you and getting stuff done?

Well for me, I use the 25/5 method weekly and it changed the game.

How It Works

It's pretty simple but helps me empty my overly-stuffed brain onto paper and focus.

  1. Get a piece of pen and paper (works better, but notes on your phone can work too)
  2. Write down in no order 25 things that you need to do
  3. Then, whittle down the list to the top 5 most important, urgent and significant items
  4. Do those 5 things and do NOTHING else until they are done
  5. Keep going down the list and rinse and repeat

Billionaires have talked about the importance of "emptying" their mind onto paper to help them sort all they have to do and they have a lot more going on than we do.

I guess the uber-rich are human too!

When To Use This Superpower

One thing I love about the 25/5 method is how its function can change with the timeline you select.

I usually use the 25/5 method when I'm thinking about what I need to accomplish in a week.

But if you change the time frame to a day or a quarter, it can dramatically change how you see what's important.

I recommend using it whenever things don't seem clear and you need to identify your next steps to move you towards the things that matter to you.

This is an action-activating tool.

Use at your own discretion...

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